Basic Woodworking II: Designing, Making, Refining


Basic Woodworking II: Designing, Making, Refining


Join us for a day of woodworking at Co.Lab Community Makers, Austin’s only nonprofit makerspace!

When: July 27th, 1:30pm-3:30pm at Co.Lab, 8711 Burnet Rd Suite G 80

Use this workshop as an extension from Basic Woodworking I by using more tools to refine your project (drill presses, lasercutters, power sanders) OR if you're already a little familiar with woodworking and need access to tools or someone to talk through your project and help you out!

As an Extension to Basic Woodworking I

Continue to refine your project by using more advanced tools to craft your design to your needs. Some examples could include: using a drill press to make untippable candle divets, using band saws and power sanders to angle your wood for the kiddos/pets in your life, using a nail gun to make small plant stands, or all of those things!

As a Workshop for Your Own Project

For those coming with your own project or wanting to try something new. Feel free to bring stuff from home, your own designs, or start a project here using the available wood and tools. Consult with Alex Morrison on best practices for building out your idea, and get started!

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