Who is HIVE?

HIVE is a group of women and non-binary people from all backgrounds and experiences in Austin, TX coming together on a weekly basis to strengthen our skills and awareness of the arts. A core group of facilitators plan and carry out events, while all members vote to inform decisions.

What is the role of a women-only arts collective?

An all-women arts collective is a response to the unique challenges that women and genderqueer individuals have long faced in society. Respecting that history of disenfranchisement is what we mean when we say “safe space”: HIVE is a place for women and non-binary folks to gain confidence in the comfort of sharing mutual experiences and a common social past. While we are grateful for the interest of our male friends and supporters, HIVE has chosen to focus on providing a safe space for those who identify as women or gender non-conforming. HIVE fully appreciates both men and women as necessary voices in the fabric of feminism.

What do you mean by “women” or “woman”?

Be assured that HIVE does not mean to question or examine the significance of the woman/womyn/wimmin identity in your life. Perhaps you have a clear view of your personal narrative or maybe it’s something you are intent on discovering. We don’t wish to define or describe this intimate, amorphous state of viewing one’s body, mind, and surroundings for any one person. Trans, queer, cis, and gender non-conforming are only some descriptors. We believe that if you identify as a woman, you should be regarded and heralded as such.

How do I join the collective?

HIVE is first and foremost accessible to all women. You can join by simply attending an event and keeping track of events here and here. There is no set membership structure. We subscribe to a loose definition of “collective,” with an ever-changing roster of members and artists!

Do HIVE workshops deal in certain media?

HIVE provides skill-building and lectures in a variety of areas. Workshops and events hosted by the collective have included: photography, ceramics, experimental film, creative writing, embroidery, street art, woodworking, figure drawing, printmaking and more! Each month will offer 2-4 workshops focused on one medium plus 1-2 supplemental workshops that may or may not be related. See events page here.

Can I teach a workshop?

Absolutely! Shoot us an email to express your interest in hosting a workshop as a teaching artist or to propose a concept. You can also introduce yourself at one of our weekly events. We’d love to meet you and learn more about your arts practice. Now seeking sculpture extraordinaires, potion-makers, weavers of textiles, survivalist gurus, connoisseurs of wood carving, the list does not end.

Should I still go to an event if I’m running late?

Of course. We’d rather see you late than not at all. 

What is your refund policy?

If you bought a ticket ahead of time and find that you can't make it after all let us know as soon as possible.  For most workshops we can give you a voucher for a future event of the same cost if you email us before the start of the event. For workshops with limited space or with specific supplies we purchase for each participant (soap making, ceramics...) we need to be informed of cancellations 48 hours before the event. You can also try to trade your ticket on the facebook event page.  

Will I get an email to remind me about an event I bought a ticket for?

We don't usually give email reminders about events you bought tickets for. So, make sure you keep track of the date or schedule a reminder- we'd hate for you to miss an event you paid for!

How do I get updates about upcoming events?

Visit our events page and subscribe to our email list here. You can also track our upcoming events on Facebook.

How much do events cost?

We believe in accessible education so most of our workshops are $7-10, which includes all necessary materials. Sometimes you can also purchase a discounted bundle, which includes access to all workshops on the particular focus for that month.  Check the store for availability.

Some workshops may have a cap on participants and an increased cost due to availability of supplies and space.

Where is your studio located?

Our home-base is the Museum of Human Achievement located at 3600 Lyons Rd. You can get to it off of Lyons or by cutting through the parking lot of the Canopy and Sa-Ten coffee shop on Springdale. It is a large warehouse space with a silver airstream tailer out front. We should have signs to direct you into the studio and will be inside to greet you and get you checked in before workshops.

Is HIVE all-ages?

All ages, all the time. Connecting on an intergenerational level is important to our members. Please be aware that some of our events are BYOB, or may deal with advanced materials so we ask that minors be accompanied by an adult. 

I’d like to participate, but I don’t identify as a woman. How can I be involved?

HIVE collaborates with non female-identifying artists and groups for shows and events. We would be happy to tell you about associated opportunities. Feel free to contact us directly so we can discuss your individual situation and begin working together!