Exquisite Corpse Results

Below is the result of the exquisite corpse writing activity from our showcase at Friends & Neighbors on May 24. Exquisite Corpse is a collaborative writing game where each person can only view the last line written. It's interesting that the beginning and end themes of this piece tie together! Comment below if you have an idea for a title! 

I’ve traveled each and every highway,

through it all when there was doubt

Ad woo-ee that’s a lot of highways. That’s why I’m 93 and

my feet are covered in bunions. And I love Funyons. Fun yuns. Fun-yuns.

Fun and yun and are young fair for bonbon. Tripping a trap to figure out what

all that means, squirrels and shit to eat, I guess … But what to use as hair?

I’ll take the moss from the moist ground and cover my bare bones, the syrup from the trees

will keep it in place long enough, long enough to say something thoughtful, thoughtful

enough so that one day someone might quote me on one of those awesome inspirational

quote websites.

I also hope that I keep it, but not so long that it’s forgotten about.

These are the thoughts I have before I snap back to present time. Fully aware.

Lucid Dreaming makes me afraid to fall asleep. I have all the 

control but none at all too. Last night we were in a shop. I

was asleep but I was awake. The 1st Mate called down to the

hole, yelling for me to come up to the deck. When I was on top

the waves were eating the ship and the sails slapped the


I couldn’t breathe it was like they were taking the words from

me and all that was left was my breakfast. Toast for

breakfast! The toastest with the mostest! Toast your health,

toast your mother, toast each meal you got cus it’s pretty

cool you got to eat every day—good thing robots don’t need to

since they will be the dominant paradigm pretty soon …

Unless that Facebook founder guy saves us all from the Terminator-apocalypse-come-true,

but then, I guess that would reign in a new *Facebook era*—but one characterized 

not by (virtual) books and not by faces … 

But honestly and truly, this is not to be rude, but

does Mark Zuckerberg even lift?

I asked my Lyft driver, but he just turned the air down (or was it up?),

and I turned up Air Bud on my iPad

in the front seat

I touched myself

I tried to do it subtly

I’ve never been able to do anything subtly

I am loud and raucous and knocking knees into things, all the time.

I can’t help but breathe deep each time a stranger passes me. Call it loneliness, but today I

caught the scent of the most delicious man—he was 50.

His flesh sagged, love handles settled into his body, comfortable. I wanted to claw at them,


When there was doubt, drugs surprised my restlessness as I sat for hours staring through

tinted windows.

Music blared as I passed through each city.

and there was hella traffic, each way.