About HIVE


HIVE started because we wanted more art and collaboration in our lives.

A group of women and non-binary friends met up in a backyard to talk about what kind of creative community we could make together. HIVE Arts Collective was formed at that initial meeting and is dedicated to preserving the spirit of collaboration and skill sharing in an environment that feels warm and welcoming.

We love to make art and meet new people.

We offer affordable workshops on many different themes from embroidery and printmaking to leatherwork and tarot reading.  Our workshops are designed for artists of all levels to learn new things and get to know other Austin creatives.  We frequently partner with other Austin institutions like Boss Babes, Austin School of Film, and Women Printmakers of Austin to connect people with community resources.  Most of the time workshops are located at our cozy studio on the East side, White Light Studio, but we may also travel to host workshops in different locations.

We are a collective based on community input.

HIVE workshops are planned by 4 facilitators (Seetha, Beth, Kayla, and Larissa) who take input from the collective and then work with local artists and community organizations to design workshops.  We are always on the look out for new workshops and love to hear feedback and ideas for future programing!  Feel free to email us  with questions and subscribe to our events on facebook and instagram to stay up to date with all our workshops.